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Oh, constantly dry and brittle hair!

Updated: Mar 14

Do you know that feeling when your hair feels like a sand dune - dry, lifeless, brittle, devoid of vitality? Did you know that even in sand dunes and steppes, there is indeed life?

There are organisms that are adapted to such dry conditions and thrive in this climate.

And that's exactly how it is with your hair; they constantly need to adapt to new situations.

And if you're thinking that just using the right shampoo and conditioner will do the trick, I'm afraid I have to disappoint you. Our hair structure is more complex, and whether your hair shines and looks healthy depends on many factors.

For example, your diet is an important factor for both skin and hair health. Stress – well, what else? Stress always comes first. Medications or strong hair treatments like excessive bleaching or strong bleaching agents used in balayage or highlights processing.

All of these factors can weigh on the hair, leading to brittle, dry hair!

Now, what's the solution?

Firstly, you should consider whether any of these scenarios could apply to you. Then, you can look for products and aids to counteract them. These could include specific vitamins or supplements responsible for hair growth.

Remember, hair can only regain its shine if it's healthy.

Vitamin B, crucial for healthy hair, can be found in red beans, pork, as well as in tuna, salmon, spinach, or peanuts.

Oh, eating is truly wonderful!

Let's talk about hair coloring and such. How is a layperson supposed to know if it's good or damaging for the hair? Well, that's something you should leave to the hairstylist. They should know whether a product is suitable or too strong for the hair.

I must say, balayage works almost every time, and if the hair appears too dry, you can opt for a glossing treatment (toner) for a refresh.

This option nourishes the hair and restores its shine.

Regarding shine, warm colors reflect light differently, giving the hair more shine. You can see it beautifully in the image above.

It doesn't always have to be red; gold tones or warm beige can also give the look that glow.


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